Imagine the task of printing 34 scripts, each of which is 51 pages long…

… & that’s only for the actors!

Don’t anybody even think about photocopying anything in Bedford before the end of term. Those machines are ours!


How many people can you audition in 5 hours? Eighty Five…

Part One of the Faustus Audition Process

We had a phenomenal turn out for the first round of auditions tonight, and the casting team spent a delightful 5 solid hours in AG24 (going slightly giggly and ridiculous over ginger ninjas, the possibility of half naked men at the recalls and the overwhelming HEAT in that place) before whittling down the numbers to just 39 for the re-calls.

We had to be harsh. And it wasn’t nice. Being on an audition panel is pure joy when you find the actor or actress who blows you away and makes you want to give them the part right there at that second, but it’s also very, very hard when you have to say no. Especially at university when you are saying no to your friends.

BUT for the good of the play, we put our personal feelings aside and focussed on the talent. Of which there was PLENTY. Of all kinds…

Tomorrow we will see even more people auditioning before the recalls and then we will decide, hopefully by the end of the night and without spilling any blood, who our final cast (21 actors and 10 physical artists) will be.

It’s a big job, but we bloody love doing it.




Here then is our recall list for tomorrow:

Mari Burton
Laura King
Josh Minopoli
Roseanna Mann
Louis Hall
Felix Clutson
Maria Listra
Katie Boyd
Tamsin Newlands
Rosie Fullwood
Danial Mahathir
Francesca Smith
Dean Elliott
Paul G. Raymond
Thomas Mayo
Liam Elvish
Richard Niroumand
Christianna Mason
Jess Bonson
Lilian Tsang
Sophia Sharpley
Robert Warren
Christopher Dunford
Naomi Lawson
Kayleigh Tremaine
Sam Wynn
Jay Douglass
Loz Street
Jodie Smith
Tobias Murphy
Natalie Woodward
Robbie Brown
Paddy Freeland
Vivienne Youel
Laurence Brasted
Louise Parker
Ben Lawson
Amy Higgins
Mike Cater

Many thanks to all who auditioned and if you still want to audition then we have a final chance at 6pm in AS21 on today (Tues)!!


The Faustus Crew xx


the morning after the bid meeting before.

Tried to scrawl something down yesterday in all the excitement and panic, but duties that I had (admittedly) signed myself up for and had been preparing myself all night NOT to have to follow through on, got in the way.

Audition posters are up on facebook – obediently adopted as display pictures by the current crew (currently numbered at 16). There are also photos from the makeup shoot we put together at my house a couple of weeks ago to be found on the facebook page.

If anyone’s wondering who the sexy fella is on the darker audion poster, he’s a friend from home. More importantly, he’s a fireman.

So, this is our blog. Something i have promised to make sure is kept properly up to date and full of Faustus related goodness.

Rather than a series of desperate pleas to get bums on seats at whatever shindigs we end up holding on campus, I aim to make this something that can be enjoyed – & not uust by drama students. The Quad this year will be aimed at all students on campus, not just the drama cliques.

I want it to be like one of those poems that, when read for the first few times, make no sense at all. You don’t even like poetry very much, so why are you wasting your time?

Then, you overhear a bit about why the poem was written, why it was written like that, something about the original context at the time it was written, and how the poet wrote it. All of a sudden, its not just 14 lines of gobldigooke anymore, it’s the start of – the gateway into – something with an awful lot more substance.

Productions on campus – for students that aren’t involed on the inside – have too little to them. You hear nothing about them for weeks and weeks after you find out what bid it was that won. All of a sudden, you receive an invite nfor their launch night in medicine that they expect you to attend. Again, you hear nothing for a week before a tirade of facebook messages flood your inbox, telling you where and how you can buy tickets for a show that you haven’t yet been convince you want to see.

This year, we want the production to involve our potential audience from the start so we’re opening the shutters and showing you what’s going on.

You have my personal assurance that it will as visual as possible!

Now to diatract myself with “proper” work…



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